Daily Consumption: More Nov. 5

CONCERT: Clea Anaïs w/Deadhorse: Nice to see the Marquee Room packed on a Thursday night; Clea’s idea to give away her new EP for free was also pretty brilliant. The sound didn’t really do justice to her cello-guitar-drums sound, as the loop peddles tended to get muddy, but it was clear enough that her and … Continue reading

Daily Consumption: Nov. 5

No entry for the 4th, because I didn’t actually manage to listen to a single new record or watch a new movie. Hooray for days off. FILM: Pirate Radio: The British version was criticized for its length, but I doubt that’ll be the main issue with the new, 20-minute-shorter cut. It’s a heck of a … Continue reading

Old and Notable: Reissues and live sounds from times gone by

Leonard Cohen Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 Sony Legacy Age has been kind to Cohen, and this year’s Live in London (recorded in 2008) contained versions of 40-year-old songs as definitive as any in Cohen’s catalogue. Isle of Wight is more reflective of the singer-songwriter’s folk roots (there’s no wailing saxophone in “Bird … Continue reading

Daily consumption: More Nov. 3

FILM: The 400 Blows: Aside from accidentally asking for a ticket to The 200 Blows (lowered expectations, maybe?), this one went fairly well. A fantastic movie, although it’s hard for me to see exactly what was so revolutionary about it. I assume it’s just that it offers a realistic depiction of youth and juvenile delinquency … Continue reading

Daily consumption: Nov. 2 and 3

I am going to attempt to make note of all of the movies I watch, CDs I listen to and so on for as long as I can keep up the habit. Likely, this will not last, but it seems worth a shot. Most of the CDs are on in the background while I work, … Continue reading