Some Hot Little Rocket-based nostalgia

Hot Little Rocket is doing a reunion show at Broken City tomorrow. That’s kind of a big deal for me. Those guys were the third(ish?) band I ever interviewed as an aspiring music writer at The Gauntlet, and I have some pretty great memories of seeing them at the Night Gallery and other long-defunct places … Continue reading

Giving people the option to add a filter and make the snaps they were going to take anyway more aesthetically appealing isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t make fake art, it makes prettier snapshots.

Video: Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date

Morgan and Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo This Joseph Gordon Levitt short is either incredible or impossibly overwrought. Given that it’s JGL, I’m leaning towards the former, because god damn is that man charming. Also, because it’s got some nice words in it. Reminds me of something between Unwinese and Nadsat. (Source:

An interesting quote from an atheist

I don’t think we’re here for anything, we’re just products of evolution. You can say ‘Gee, your life must be pretty bleak if you don’t think there’s a purpose,’ but I’m anticipating a good lunch. Dr. James Watson, co-discoverer of DNA

Song of the Day: Final Fantasy – Nun or a Bawd

Final Fantasy · Nun or a Bawd And why not make it a two-fer? I haven’t been posting too many of these. Favourite track from Final Fantasy’s Plays to Please, a tribute to Toronto’s Deep Dark United. No comments on the sentiment contained within. (Source:

Song of the Day: Audience – Nancy

Audience – Nancy From 1971’s The House on the Hill. Was pretty pleased to find this at CJSW’s all-you-can-carry record sale, I have to admit. There’s maybe a bit too much Zeppelin in their sound, but that’s not exactly unforgivable. (Source:

3eanuts – More depressing existentialism