Mr. Yeti’s Fast Food

File under: Quick distractions PS users of a certain vintage are bound to remember SkiFree, a free game where you’d waggle your way down a ski hill, slaloming around trees and backflipping off of ramps until you were inevitably devoured by a stick-man-like yeti. It was cute, fun, and aggravating enough to be its own kind … Continue reading

How to get people psyched for your Halo adaptation

Three easy steps for creating excitement for your low-budget Halo adaptation, courtesy of Wilfrid Laurier University’s student paper interview with director Jared Pelletier: 1. Stress that the project is about the power of art and storytelling: “The idea came from seeing the success of other films based on popular video game content,” said Pelletier. 2. … Continue reading

Time waster: Sushi Cat 2

There’s not a whole lot of strategy in the Sushi Cat series — you’re basically just playing Plinko with a gluttonous feline — but what these games do, they do well. Sushi Cat 2 delivers exactly what you’d hope from a sequel, preserving the oddly hypnotic core (I could watch that cat ooze around the … Continue reading

Time-killer of the day: Dodge

I’ve been playing a lot of flash games lately, partly as homework (I’m taking a course on game design) and partly as procrastination (it’s easier than writing essays). I’ve also been neglecting this blog. Somehow, I only just now realized the obvious fix — wasting even more time by writing about games that have been … Continue reading

Best Stuff Day 13: Pixels

It looks like this week is shaping up to be “things that were popular a few months ago on the internet” week in the Best Stuff round-up. That might not be an entirely bad thing. As much as the internet preserves even our most awkward moments forever, for all the world to see, it also … Continue reading

Best Stuff Day 12: Mario Crossover

Your dreams made material

Alright, so this one’s more a blast of geeky nostalgia mixed with a bit of grade-school level “wouldn’t it be awesome if…” wish fulfillment. That hardly distracts from the fact that Mario Crossover is, well, pretty damn awesome. The concept is simple: Take six of the original NES’s greatest heroes, throw them into the world … Continue reading

The Consumption: Nov 19-22

Man… I need to stay on top of this. THEATRE: TheatreJunction – The Country: Martin Crimp’s script is a tongue-twister, looping back on itself, interrupting itself, repeating phrases and traveling on hairpin tangents. As delivered by Mark Lawes and Fiona Byrne, though, it’s not much more than two actors getting through their lines as best … Continue reading