Song of the Day: The Cape May – Old and Early Numbers

Song of the Day: The Cape May – Old and Early Numbers This is maybe a bit too wintry of a song for such a gorgeous day, but I’m working on an interview with Cape May frontman Clinton St John for FFWD, and I keep getting struck by how incredible his music is. This one’s from … Continue reading

Song of the Day: McLusky – Alan is a Cowboy Killer

Mclusky – Alan Is A Cowboy Killer I’d say it was a mclusky kind of day, but that would imply that some days aren’t, and that would be dishonest. (Source:

Song of the Day: Clark – Mercy Sines

Song of the Day: Clark – Mercy Sines Dark ambiance that falls somewhere between pretty and menacing. And then that beat kicks in and nothing else matters. (Source: