Song of the Day: Link Wray – Georgia Pines

Song of the Day: Link Wray – Georgia Pines Leadbelly via Link Wray, with a gospel shuffle and plenty of Stones-y swagger. With thanks to Tom Bagley for letting me know this exists. (Source:

Song of the Day: John Grant – Silver Platter Club

Song of the Day: John Grant – Silver Platter Club It’s not quite I Wish by Skee-Lo, but it’s still a pretty wonderful ode to un-confidence. (Source:

Song of the Day: Yo La Tengo – Watch Out For Me Ronnie

Yo La Tengo – Watch Out For Me Ronnie When I dig out I Am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass, it’s usually for the epic opening track. But sometimes it’s good to remember that Yo La’s also good for quick and raunchy garage rock. (And also pretty much any other … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Lalo Schiffren – Wheat Germ Landscape

Song of the Day: Wheat Germ Landscapes by Lalo Schifrin From the excellently titled There’s A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin’ On. The composer of the Mission Impossible theme apparently made some pretty incredible pazz-and-jop albums back in his day. This is one of the odder tracks, because that’s just how I do. (Source:

Song of the Day: Devo – Beautiful World

Song of the Day: Devo – “Beautiful World” And what a perfect video, too. (Source:

Song of the day: Young Marble Giants – N.I.T.A.

Song of the Day: Young Marble Giants – N.I.T.A Came out three years before I was born, and sounds like it could’ve come out tomorrow. Lovely, lovely minimal post-punk (or new wave or whatever you want to call it). (Source: