The Consumption: Nov. 23

CONCERT: Vic Chesnutt: Opener Liz Durrett held the crowd’s attention with just a classical guitar, a well-used distortion pedal and a lovely, expressive voice (which reminded me somehow of both Sarah McLaughlin and Feist). Apparently her album is more fully orchestrated, but the sparse setting suits her, and the distortion was more than enough to … Continue reading

The Consumption: Nov 19-22

Man… I need to stay on top of this. THEATRE: TheatreJunction – The Country: Martin Crimp’s script is a tongue-twister, looping back on itself, interrupting itself, repeating phrases and traveling on hairpin tangents. As delivered by Mark Lawes and Fiona Byrne, though, it’s not much more than two actors getting through their lines as best … Continue reading

The Consumption: Nov. 19-ish

FILM: The Third Man: First and foremost, the zither score is fantastic. I want it as a ringtone, which is not something that usually occurs to me, because I have never used a tone other than chimes. But the mood that it sets is so… off. The music is upbeat but not exactly happy. It’s … Continue reading

The Consumption: Nov. 15 and 16

Maybe someday I should start adding images into these, but for now, I just don’t particularly care. FILM: Gone With the Wind: For some reason, I’ve long been apprehensive about this one. It’s always portrayed as the uber-romance, a heartbreaking epic of southern chivalry, damsels swooning and “yessum, mastuh” servants, which didn’t much entice me. … Continue reading

The Consumption: Nov. 14

EVENT: 24th Annual Gemini Awards: Being in the press room was possibly even less exciting than watching the broadcast on TV. A few decent tidbits (learning that an award was actually turned down and packed away, finding out that they cut a joke about torture in Syria at the last second) and good/geeky to ask … Continue reading

Interview: Ron James, set to host the Geminis

Last year’s Geminis drew 62,000 people, which is less than a tenth of what your average CBC special brings in. Why are you doing this? [Laughs] Listen man, just jump right in, that’s what I say. Look, I could always use another 62,000 viewers, too, you know. I’m doing it because I had a riot … Continue reading

The Consumption – Nov 13

FILM: 2012: I was expecting the disaster movie to end all disaster movies, and on that level at least, director Roland Emmerich delivers. 2012 basically just takes scenes from every apocalypse flick ever made (a bit of Deep Impact here, some Volcano there, even some Titanic for good measure) and strings them together with the … Continue reading

The consumption: Nov 12

Alright, “Daily” is probably going to be stretching things, but I’ll keep this as regular as I can. I haven’t really taken in all that much in the last four days anyway, but let’s keep this going: CONCERT: No More Shapes w/Beneath These Idle Tides and Free Nude Celebs: Weeds Cafe isn’t my favourite venue … Continue reading

Daily Consumption: Nov. 8

FILM: Parallel Folds: Second of the Indian movies I’m judging. Slightly unfair, because a fair number of scenes are quite overexposed, which makes the subtitles completely illegible for stretches, but I’m pretty sure I followed the whole thing. I’m also pretty sure it’s overly melodramatic, and whatever insight it has into the idea of dignified/voluntary … Continue reading

Daily consumption: Nov. 7

COMEDY: Louis CK: His second set of the day, and he did seem a bit worn down, but that didn’t particularly detract. Aside from seeming to drop one anecdote, everything was pretty much spot on, with the usual knack for finding the right vulgarity for any situation and the right mix of insight and depression. … Continue reading