Daily Consumption: More Nov. 5

CONCERT: Clea Anaïs w/Deadhorse: Nice to see the Marquee Room packed on a Thursday night; Clea’s idea to give away her new EP for free was also pretty brilliant. The sound didn’t really do justice to her cello-guitar-drums sound, as the loop peddles tended to get muddy, but it was clear enough that her and Brock Geiger make a great musical pair. Too bad she didn’t get her dad up to sing a song with her.
I was expecting a bit more from Deadhorse. They’ve got the potential to be a great party band, but at the moment, their covers are more confident and energetic than any of their originals, which is surprising for a band that has three members of the Consonant C. But those covers did show that the band has a lot of potential, and they know how to work a crowd. Maybe Calgary will get a solid party band yet.

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