Christmas Songs I Don’t Hate: Steve Martin & Paul Simon – Silver Bells

I’m not generally a fan of Christmas music, but since I have a radio show on Christmas Day this year, I’m diving in head-first. Turns out, some of it is pretty alright, and I’m posting a few of the better-but-not-appropriate-for-my-show ones here. This one’s a slight cop-out, since it’s been a favourite of mine for … Continue reading

So Good playlists, December 11 and 18

Yes, I have been derelict, but if you’ve been patiently waiting, here’s what got played on the last couple of shows. Tune in next week for a very soulful Christmas (and keep in mind that I traditionally hate Christmas music, so I’ve gone out of my way to find songs that are actually good. It’ll … Continue reading

Christmas songs I don’t hate: Harvey Danger- Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes)

Harvey Danger is one of those one-hit wonders who actually recorded a lot of great music outside of their (great but overplayed) hit. But even as one of their biggest defenders over the last decade, I had no idea that they had anything remotely Christmas-y under their belt.

Instagram changes and piracy: Not the same thing

There’ve been some tweets floating around comparing the Instagram TOS kerfuffle with file-sharing. Now, I’m not saying people who’ve had their materials pirated aren’t allowed to be upset. I just think it’s a really terrible comparison, and it’ll be kind of frustrating if it gains traction.

So Good Soul Revue playlist for December 4, 2012

The above video was a request that I couldn’t get to, I’m assuming from a Community fan. Hopefully enjoying it unironically, but who can say. The spotlight this week was on soul covers of Beatles tunes, a topic that popped into my head thanks to the great new remaster of the Grey Album, but the actual … Continue reading

The Globe’s gone indie: Where to go from here

Image taken from the Calgary Herald article

This is sort-of an addendum to the film piece I wrote in Fast Forward the other week. When I wrote that, the state of the Globe was very much up in the air–in fact, I had it on good word that they were about to announce their closure–but fortunately they’ve worked out a way to … Continue reading