Daily consumption: Nov. 2 and 3

I am going to attempt to make note of all of the movies I watch, CDs I listen to and so on for as long as I can keep up the habit. Likely, this will not last, but it seems worth a shot. Most of the CDs are on in the background while I work, so reviews are hardly authoritative. Also, only includes things that are new to me, unless it’s particularly noteworthy.

Nov. 2:

CD: Clea Anais – Heartstrings: More chamber-poppy than expected, and the song by her dad certainly comes out of nowhere; production’s a bit rough, but considering she’s giving it away for free, it’s hard to complain. And the songs themselves are fairly wonderful; looped cello, creative melodies. Surprised how much I dig it.

FILM: A Town Called Panic: Along with Hausu last week, one of the most random films I have ever seen. They stretch the shorts to feature length by letting the plot go wherever they want, which turns out to be the right approach. Scientists fighting mammoths, a house crushed by 50 million bricks; this is what more kids’ movies should be like. Props to Belgian translators for using the phrase “No probs” twice.

Nov. 3:
CD: Le Loup – Family: Seems to lean closer to the first album than the live show, which is definitely a good thing. Reverb-soaked vocals and rising vocal melodies aren’t as immediately grabbing the second time around, though, at least on first listen. Will have to give it another try sometime.

CD: Blockhead – The Music Scene: Smooth, diverse mix. Transition from the vocodors of Four Walls to the old-school soul of Pity Party’s a good reminder of how useless auto-tune is for the most part. Whole thing feels like background music in the good sense of the term – something to throw on when the party’s almost died and everyone’s just chilling with the last of the wine.

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