Daily Consumption: Nov. 5

No entry for the 4th, because I didn’t actually manage to listen to a single new record or watch a new movie. Hooray for days off.

FILM: Pirate Radio: The British version was criticized for its length, but I doubt that’ll be the main issue with the new, 20-minute-shorter cut. It’s a heck of a fun film and the soundtrack is absolutely killer. Chief issues: The subplot with Kenneth Branagh’s government official trying to shut down the radio never seems to connect with anything that happens on the boat, and too much of the movie is reaction shots of radio listeners grooving out. Also, the fact that very, very little of the movie reflects the reality of pirate radio at the time is a bummer ā€” it colours the whole thing as yet another slab of boomer mythmaking.

CD: Blue Rodeo – The Things We Left Behind: Consistent but also depressing. The lead track has a chorus about how sometimes it’s better to be dead inside, and while the rest doesn’t sink that low, there’s a melancholy aura over the whole thing. It’s also a very competent album, though ā€” BR could probably put out songs like this in their sleep, but it doesn’t feel tossed off, either. I’ve never paid much attention to them, but a few tracks have just the right Beatles-with-twang sound that I might have to give it another spin.

CD: Betty Davis – Nasty Gal and Is It Love or Desire: Pair of reissues on Light in the Attic records of Davis’s supremely funky mid-70s output. Slap bass, gruff vocals, attitude like crazy. I can’t think of what to say other than Supremely Funky.

CD: On Fillmore: Extended Vacation: Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting quite so many animal sounds on a Dead Oceans release. In the office, at least, the nature sounds only distract from what would otherwise be a decent slab of ambiance. Didn’t finish it.

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