The Oscars Project: Week 14 — The French Connection

But efficiency and action don’t usually translate into a Best Picture. If they did, Taken would have brought home a trophy last year (which, for the record, would have been awesome). So, how did The French Connection manage to win?

Label Me: Joyful Noise Records

(Originally on Even in the age of MP3 blogs and relentless hype, there are few better arbiters of quality than the humble independent record label. Usually consisting of one or two employees, a garage full of unsold CDs and an operating budget of nowhere near enough, these labels put their time and money behind … Continue reading

The Oscars Project: Week 13 — Patton

For 82 years, the Academy Awards have purported to choose the year’s best film. For the next year, with the help of the good folks at Casablanca Video and the Calgary Public Library, I’ll be watching one best picture winner per week, starting 52 years ago and working up to The Hurt Locker. Some of … Continue reading

Beyond Prometheus: An interview with Vincenzo Natali of Splice

I just think we’re beyond the Promethean myth. We’re no longer having to question whether this technology should exist or not. We’re not questioning whether we should be stealing fire from the gods — that’s already happened. It’s simply a matter of questioning how to apply that technology in a way that will do maximum good and minimum harm.