Inkheart – review

The latest attempt to turn kid-lit hits into box office gold, Inkheart occupies a comfortable middle ground onscreen. Based on the first in a trilogy of novels by Cornelia Funke, it is less epic than The Chronicles of Narnia, less sprawling than Harry Potter and has significantly fewer lovelorn vampires than Twilight. Still, what Inkheart’s … Continue reading

Inkheart interview (Brendan Fraser)

Making a movie about the power of books puts a filmmaker in a very peculiar place. Now, more than ever, technology allows writers and directors to realize any landscape, monster or spaceship that crosses their mind in vivid detail, even in modestly budgeted films. At the same time, some parents are concerned that the instant … Continue reading

Flicker – review

In 1959, painter and poet Brion Gysin and scientist Ian Sommerville invented what they called the dreamachine — a rotating cylinder with slits on the sides and a light bulb in the middle. It looks like a novelty decoration, like a disco ball or lava lamp, but to its creators, it is something far more … Continue reading

Clue To Kalo- Lily Perdida (Mush)

Forty years ago, you needed a top-of-the-line recording studio, a brigade of session players and a few healthy doses of LSD to make a psychedelic opus. These days, you just need a laptop. And maybe some LSD. First there was Caribou’s 2007 masterpiece Andorra. Now, there’s Clue to Kalo’s Lily Perdida, a similarly lush slab … Continue reading

Calgary boosterism

There’s no way around it — 2008 has been a banner year for Calgary’s music scene. Major events like Sled Island and Juno Fest attuned at least a few outside ears to local music, while Virgin Fest introduced acts like The Summerlad and The Firm Handshake to Calgarians more inclined to seek out Stone Temple … Continue reading