Who I Am

Peter Hemminger is a Calgary-based entertainment writer and editor whose work has appeared in quite a few newspapers and newspaper-like publications. He has also worked with most of Calgary’s best music, film and arts festivals, and will be happier when he can take the “most of” out of this sentence.

As of early 2013, Peter has taken over as the executive director of the Quickdraw Animation Society (home to the annual GIRAF animation festival), as well as serving on the programming committee for the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, the board of CJSW 90.9FM, and as president of the Calgary Underground Film Festival board. He is unhealthily obsessed with music, movies and pop culture in general, along with other nerdier pursuits.

If you want to talk to him, try emailing peter (dot) hemminger (at) gmail.com. He’s reasonably friendly, and gets lonely sometimes.

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