#MoNM The rest, and a new project for December

Oh, what the hell. Rounding off the #MoNM in a decidedly half-assed form: Day 27: Duffy and the Doubters’ Scriptural Supplies Tiny songs from the Ladyhawk frontman. With most of the tunes clocking in at less than 2 minutes, Duffy’s solo debut(?) is over practically before it starts, and the lo-fi production only adds to … Continue reading

#MoNM Days 21 through 26

Extremely brief #MoNM updates: I’m in Vancouver for the weekend (mostly to check out Grinderman tonight). Combine that with a week of spotty internet service and the piling up of ridiculous amounts of homework (hooray for grad school) and you have a half-decent excuse for not blogging. But no longer! In the interest of catch-up, … Continue reading

Saturday double-post: #MoNM: Kanye West and Juana Molina

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy It looks like I’m gonna be that guy who liked 808s and doesn’t get My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I swear I’m not just being contrarian here. Maybe I’m not giving it enough time. With all the five-star reviews, 100 per cents and “instant masterpiece” claims, I’m … Continue reading

#MoNM Day 18: Cave’s Pure Moods

Cave – Pure Moods (Drag City) A short one today – Pure Moods, a 12” single from Chicago’s Cave. If you saw them at Sled Island, you have a good sense what this is all about; if you missed out, it’s blissed-out Krautrock with a healthy dose of classic rock swagger. With only three tracks … Continue reading

#MoNM Day 17: Dexys Midnight Runners’ Searching for the Young Soul Rebels

The title of Dexys Midnight Runners’ debut says it all: this isn’t just an album, it’s a call to arms. Sweet and sour homemade soul, with excessively fussy vocals and punchy-but-never-quite-right horns, the album courts its rebels through sheer passion and sincerity – it’s not asking for political upheaval, just a bit of earnestness. Which … Continue reading

Green Lantern trailer

Eh, why not: The Green Lantern trailer has finally come out, and it looks like DC’s aiming to make it their Iron Man, a fun franchise that’ll alternate between sassy one-liners and massive CGI setpieces. Ryan Reynolds seems like he’ll do decently in the Robert Downey Jr. part, and the special effects look solid enough … Continue reading

#MoNM Day 16: Girl Talk’s All Day

It starts with Black Sabbath’s version of war and ends with John Lennon’s version of peace. In between is all-encompassing po-mo pop, an all-singing, all-dancing cavalcade of hits. It’s got a beat, and you can dance to it. It’s the world’s greatest name-that-tune night. It might be a party, or it might be art, or … Continue reading

#MoNM Day 15: The Bachs’ Out of the Bachs

Another long-forgotten psychedelic slab. Like Trip Thru Hell the other week, this 1968 gem started off with a limited pressing that only gained in mystique thanks to its rarity and its oddball production – Chris Dadge tells me it was recorded by a producer who’d only ever done classical work, hence the distant guitars and … Continue reading

#MoNM Day 14: Jenny Omnichord’s All Our Little Bones

Jenny Omnichord is a girl after my own heart. Smart, quirky, self-referential… heck, her latest album doubles as a board game if you shell out for the vinyl. Not a bad deal. But while the packaging is in line with her previous projects (the last album of hers that I bought was packaged in plywood), … Continue reading

#MoNM Day 13: Gonjasufi’s A Sufi and a Killer

I realize I’m running the risk of turning this #MoNM blog into a string of sheer positivity. I think every entry so far has boiled down to either “This is really good” or “This is pretty good and I should give it a chance to get better.” For anyone who thinks that negativity or cynicism … Continue reading