Daily consumption: More Nov. 3

FILM: The 400 Blows: Aside from accidentally asking for a ticket to The 200 Blows (lowered expectations, maybe?), this one went fairly well. A fantastic movie, although it’s hard for me to see exactly what was so revolutionary about it. I assume it’s just that it offers a realistic depiction of youth and juvenile delinquency that doesn’t reduce the world to “rotten kids are rotten.” Soundtrack was oddly joyful for such a downbeat film.

CD: The Dutchess & The Duke – Sunset/Sunrise: The first Dutchess & the Duke album hit me hard as a great, Stones-y acoustic pop album, but over time the tunes started to grate on me. I doubt that this one’ll run into the same problem — the songs are considerably more laid back and hookless; there’s hardly a rough surface to grip, let alone grate. Dull, in other words.

CD: Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – Know Better Learn Faster: Herky-jerky rhythms, overt sexuality and catchy tunes. Exactly what modern rock should be. I have a feeling this will be getting more than a few spins.

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