Monday mixtape: Summer holiday edition

For the second installment of the Monday Mixtape series, one of my readers helpfully suggested the theme “summer vacation.” It turns out she meant vacation destinations, but I realized that way too late in the process to make it work for this week. So instead, this week’s “tape” will feature songs about summer or vacations, … Continue reading

Monday Mix Tape: Folk Fest edition

New feature! Every Monday (or many Mondays, at least) I will be posting a “mix tape” with either a theme that strikes my fancy or that has been suggested by one of my fives of loyal readers. More accurately, I’ll be posting two 23-minute YouTube playlists, which you could then somehow put onto the two … Continue reading

Paul Simon: Still awesome after all these years

(via Techdirt) If this doesn’t make you smile, well, I got nothing at this point: At a recent show in Toronto, Paul Simon was about to play the song “Duncan” when he heard someone in the crowd say “I learned to play guitar on this song.” Instead of just letting the comment pass, he invites … Continue reading

Things I like: A Bit of Fry And Laurie

I admit, I have been ridiculously derelict in my updating of this blog. Blame it on what you will — poor time management, overcommitment, a near complete lack of interest — but this is something that will soon be remedied. Plans are in order, rest assured, that have been engineered to maximize the knocking off … Continue reading