An interview with Danny Michel

“I guess it’s just a natural kind of evolution of me just trying to write songs. I just kind of got really sick of rock music. I got really sick of – I find it all really whiny, you know? And myself included, I pointed a finger at myself, too, but I find that there’s probably more to say in the world other than whining about breaking up with somebody.”

The Town

Whoever planned out Ben Affleck’s comeback knows a thing or two about manipulating us cynical cultural consumers. After endearing himself to teenaged cinephiles with solid turns in a few Kevin Smith comedies and picking up an Oscar for Good Will Hunting, B-Fleck (shudder) spent the better part of his career alienating his original fans and … Continue reading

Alan Copeland invented the remix

I was doing some research for a paper on the public domain and intellectual property and blah blah blah, when I came across this wonderful (and Grammy-winning!) single, released in 1968. Arranged by Alan Copeland (who did arrangements with Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald before moving on to compose theme songs), it’s possibly the first … Continue reading

It’s Kind of a Funny Story

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is about as middle-of-the-road as its unassuming title might lead you to believe. It’s kind of sweet, kind of inoffensive and on occasion even kind of entertaining, but it’s not the kind of film likely to inspire much passion. With the obligatory play on the film’s title out of … Continue reading

On the relative merits of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

On the plus side, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins wrote “I Put a Spell On You,” was one of the first musicians to incorporate overt theatricality  into his music, and has one of the most bad-ass voices in the history of rock. Oh, and he fathered somewhere around 75 children, which has to count for something. On … Continue reading

The Social Network

Three weeks ago, my knowledge of The Social Network would’ve boiled down to “Oh right, someone’s making a Facebook movie.” Somehow, despite the presence of David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin, the movie wasn’t even on my radar’s radar, let alone any must-see list. Then, the hype machine kicked into high gear, and reviews started describing … Continue reading