A Halloween treat from the Addams Family

A Halloween treat — the Addams Family getting down to the Human Beanz’s finest moment. Happy spook day.

Things I like: A Bit of Fry And Laurie

I admit, I have been ridiculously derelict in my updating of this blog. Blame it on what you will — poor time management, overcommitment, a near complete lack of interest — but this is something that will soon be remedied. Plans are in order, rest assured, that have been engineered to maximize the knocking off … Continue reading

Bad-ass Santas: A handful of actually pretty decent holiday specials

It can be hard to take Christmas seriously, in a pop culture sense at least. At this point, there are probably more parody holiday specials out there than there are sincere ones. Some (say, the classic Festivus episode of Seinfeld) have even taken on a real-world life of their own — not that people are … Continue reading

Best Stuff catch-up: Days 9 to 11

Alright, so school is officially cramping my desire to work on this blog. But I set myself a target, and I intend to hit it. Without further ado, then, come three more contributions to the canon of amazing things that I experienced in 2010: Day9: Comedy Death Ray They have a podcast that I hear … Continue reading

In which I explain why The Shield is awesome

(Part one of a seven-part series, to be updated as I finish each season) Unlike a lot of TV shows, The Shield has the decency to grab you by the balls at the earliest opportunity. Rather than pussyfooting around and teasing its audience with hints of the rampant corruption in Vic Mackey’s Strike Team, the … Continue reading

The Consumption: Nov. 14

EVENT: 24th Annual Gemini Awards: Being in the press room was possibly even less exciting than watching the broadcast on TV. A few decent tidbits (learning that an award was actually turned down and packed away, finding out that they cut a joke about torture in Syria at the last second) and good/geeky to ask … Continue reading

Interview: Ron James, set to host the Geminis

Last year’s Geminis drew 62,000 people, which is less than a tenth of what your average CBC special brings in. Why are you doing this? [Laughs] Listen man, just jump right in, that’s what I say. Look, I could always use another 62,000 viewers, too, you know. I’m doing it because I had a riot … Continue reading