Forbidden Planet and making the sound of the future

I helped out the Calgary Cinematheque Society’s soundtrack series today with a 10-minute speech on the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet. It actually barely scratches the surface on what’s interesting about the first fully electronic score ever composed, but if you’re curious what you missed, here it is. (Forgive the formatting; it wasn’t really meant to … Continue reading

Same Same but Different review

Written by and starring Anita Majumdar, Same Same But Different aims to be a lot of things, and succeeds at many of them. It’s a tribute to and criticism of Bollywood, with electric choreography and an encyclopaedic knowledge of Indian film. It is a commentary on societal conceptions of whiteness, and particularly Bollywood’s seeming obsession … Continue reading

The ups and downs of playRites

Premières explore new ground and reveal festival’s strengths and weaknesses For 28 years and 115 plays, the Enbridge playRites Festival has served as an essential breeding ground for new Canadian theatre. Its commitment to fostering brand-new work has given it a distinctive place within Alberta Theatre Projects’ season — the playRites plays are typically ambitious … Continue reading

Boxed Worlds: Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island

Co-operative games aren’t much fun unless they’re challenging. There’s a mild thrill that comes from saving the world from viral infection or invasion by eldritch gods, but when the results are a foregone conclusion, it’s hard to feel particularly invested. Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island (Portal Games) seems to understand this. In fact, when … Continue reading