So Good Playlist: November 20

My apologies for the lack of links, as I’m kind of in a rush at the moment, but just so you know, there are free, legal downloads available from plenty of these folks, and the ones from Heems, Rainy Milo and Rhye are all especially worth tracking down. If you have a couple minutes and … Continue reading

So Good playlist for Nov. 13

  Exciting day on the show today — the first time I’ve had official guests in the studio, and it was New York synth-pop duo Tanlines (who are playing tonight at Commonwealth as part of their one-year anniversary party that’s going all week, and you should go check it out. Calgary’s Gold is opening. It’ll … Continue reading

Noble goals and death tolls: Honest Abe takes a page out of the Shock Doctrine in Spielberg’s Lincoln

It’s hard to think of a more positive end than the abolition of slavery, and it’s easy to buy into the argument that the practice would have continued for decades at the very least if Lincoln hadn’t been, well, flexible when it came to the democratic process. But delaying the end of the war by even a few days when it was killing, on average, 3,000 Americans every week is essentially allowing a 9/11-level death toll for the sake of politics. Is that justifiable?

So Good playlist for November 6

Kudos to Kat Dornian, the music director at CJSW. I took a bit of a different approach this week and mostly stuck to albums on the official playlist she compiles for the station (which includes 100s of CDs in pretty much every genre), and almost everything I checked out was amazing.