Time-killer of the day: Dodge

I’ve been playing a lot of flash games lately, partly as homework (I’m taking a course on game design) and partly as procrastination (it’s easier than writing essays). I’ve also been neglecting this blog. Somehow, I only just now realized the obvious fix — wasting even more time by writing about games that have been floating around the internet for years.

So, to start a semi-irregular series of posts designed to help you waste time, here’s Dodge. The look of it is pretty close to Geometry Wars/Grid Wars, but there’s one important difference — you have no weapons. Which means you have to do exactly what the title says. Fortunately, your enemies all seem to have heat-seeking bullets, which means you can use their own attacks against them.

With 20 levels and a decent variety of foes, Dodge is a decent way to work on your twitch skills. A free-play mode with an endless stream of enemies would add pretty tremendously to its replay value, since your shields are too powerful to make most of the levels much of a challenge, but it’s a good twist on the old Robotron formula nonetheless.

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