Mr. Yeti’s Fast Food

mr yeti

File under: Quick distractions

PS users of a certain vintage are bound to remember SkiFree, a free game where you’d waggle your way down a ski hill, slaloming around trees and backflipping off of ramps until you were inevitably devoured by a stick-man-like yeti. It was cute, fun, and aggravating enough to be its own kind of classic, and like basically everything else from the early ’90s, overdue for a revival.

Mr. Yeti’s Fast Food, which came out of the latest Ludum Dare, turns the tables on the original Ski Free, casting you as the hungry yeti chasing a legion of carefree skiers. It’s pretty mindless, but the details are perfect, from the confused look on the yeti’s face when a skier escapes, to the satisfying chomp when you catch one, to the just-frequent-enough use of the Wilhelm scream.

If your goal is racking up points, the trick seems to be keeping your chases confined to short bursts, but it’s much more fun to let loose across the course, smashing into pine trees along the way. If nothing else, it’s a nice blast of nostalgia.

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