How to get people psyched for your Halo adaptation

Three easy steps for creating excitement for your low-budget Halo adaptation, courtesy of Wilfrid Laurier University’s student paper interview with director Jared Pelletier:

1. Stress that the project is about the power of art and storytelling:

“The idea came from seeing the success of other films based on popular video game content,” said Pelletier.

2. Re-assure fans that you’re staying true to the source material:

“We’ve taken some significant creative liberties in adapting the content to the screen,” said the director.

3. Emphasize your passion for the project:

“The main crew, myself included, were not huge Halo fans coming into the project. Our unbiased views allowed us to take more liberty than one who is attached to the established franchise,” he went on.

Yep — this is gonna be great.

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