The Oscars Project: Week One – Gigi

For 82 years, the Academy Awards have purported to choose the year’s best film. For the next year, I’ll be watching one best picture winner per week, starting 52 years ago and working up to tonight’s winner. Some of the films are rightly regarded as classics. Others, decidedly less so. But each of them must … Continue reading

CD Review: Maintenant, by Gigi

(full review from Five years ago, Vancouver producer Colin Stewart got his hands on a pair of vintage reverb plates, the kind that gave ’50s girl-group pop its irresistibly warm feel, and asked his friend Nick Krgovich (P:Ano, No Kids) to provide songs that would do the equipment justice. Let’s not mince words — … Continue reading

Bonus post: A handful of 50-word CD reviews

All reviews based entirely on first impressions, and not to be construed as particularly informed: Brasstronaut – Mt. Chimera (Unfamiliar): A hell of an improvement from the Old World Lies EP, which was alright but not noteworthy. Elements of jazz, laid-back electronica, dixieland and indie rock, but all in an unabashedly pop framework. Think P:Ano … Continue reading