CD Review: Maintenant, by Gigi

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Five years ago, Vancouver producer Colin Stewart got his hands on a pair of vintage reverb plates, the kind that gave ’50s girl-group pop its irresistibly warm feel, and asked his friend Nick Krgovich (P:Ano, No Kids) to provide songs that would do the equipment justice. Let’s not mince words — they’ve succeeded.

While he’s no slouch in the vocal department himself, Krgovich has enlisted a crew of ringers, from Final Fantasy’s Owen Pallett to Parenthetical Girls singer Zac Pennington and K Records folkies Karl Blau and Mirah, to flesh out the tunes. The results sound like a sampler from a long-forgotten ’50s record label, spotlighting ballads and upbeat twisters that should have been floating on AM waves for the last half-century. It’d be snide to deride it as a nostalgia project — it is one, yes, but when it sounds this good, who cares?

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