MONM 2011 Day 10: Dixie’s Death Pool – The Man With Flowering Hands

Dixie’s Death Pool – The Man With Flowering Hands (2011, Drip Audio) I have a bad habit habit of forming opinions of albums based on their opening few seconds. That’s not to say I’ll discount an album if it doesn’t win me over in ten seconds or less, but if those opening seconds are strong … Continue reading

#MONM Day Two: Fond of Tigers’ Continent and Western

Fond of Tigers — Continent and Western (Drip Audio) “Soheb,” the opener on “post-everything” Vancouver septet Fond of Tigers’ latest, is a hell of a track to wake up to. Starting with a simple melodic line, it quickly descends into swirling madness and atonal skronk, eventually returning to its opening theme by increasingly demented routes. … Continue reading