MONM 2011 Day 9: Sandro Perri’s Impossible Spaces

Sandro Perri – Impossible Spaces (2011, Constellation) There’s something of a kinship between Perri’s Impossible Spaces and Destroyer’s Kaputt. Spaces isn’t anywhere near as glossy (although it’s not exactly raw, either), and the lack of soaring ’80s sax solos also means it’s less likely to be accused of intentional kitsch, but both of them are … Continue reading

MONM 2011 Day 8: Margo Guryan’s Take a Picture

Margo Guryan – Take a Picture (1968) I don’t know if I can make a stronger argument for this album than just showing off its opening track: But in the spirit of this project, I’ll give it a shot. A jazz musician turned on to the counterculture by a Beach Boys-loving friend (who also happened … Continue reading

MONM 2011 Day 7: Feist’s Metals

Feist – Metals (Arts & Crafts, 2011) For someone who’s been knocked in some circles as the new face of easy listening, Feist has always had plenty of modes of locomotion. She could slink, bounce, swing, or float whenever she saw fit, throwing in a bit of disco strut to balance out the sweetheart pop … Continue reading

MONM 2011, Day 4: Raymond Scott – Soothing Sounds for Baby

Raymond Scott – Soothing Sounds for Baby (Basta Audio-Visuals, 1964) Even if you’ve never heard of Raymond Scott, odds are you’ve heard his music. It appeared in over 100 of Warner Bros.’ cartoons, which had a particular fondness for his “Powerhouse,” especially the bit that comes in at around the 1:30 mark. That track and … Continue reading

MONM 2011 Day 3: Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure

Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure (Island, 1973) This time out, I’ll just focus on the two tracks that really grabbed me – the first tracks of each side of For Your Pleasure. “Do the Strand” opens the album in a marvellously ridiculous fashion, urging listeners who are “tired of the tango, fed up with … Continue reading

MONM 2011 Day 2: OutKast – Stankonia

OutKast – Stankonia (Arista, 2000) One of the things about going through a punk phase (musically, at least) in junior high is that, even once you start branching out, you’re skeptical of anything remotely mainstream. I would’ve been in Grade 12 when Stankonia came out (although I feel like it was around for more than … Continue reading

Month of New Music 2011, Day One: The Style Council’s My Ever Changing Moods

As part of my ever-weakening commitment to keeping this blog alive, I’m happy to announce my second annual Month of New Music, starting today. As with last year, that means I’ll be listening to an album per day that I have never before listened to in its entirety – new as in new to me, … Continue reading

#MoNM The rest, and a new project for December

Oh, what the hell. Rounding off the #MoNM in a decidedly half-assed form: Day 27: Duffy and the Doubters’ Scriptural Supplies Tiny songs from the Ladyhawk frontman. With most of the tunes clocking in at less than 2 minutes, Duffy’s solo debut(?) is over practically before it starts, and the lo-fi production only adds to … Continue reading

#MoNM Days 21 through 26

Extremely brief #MoNM updates: I’m in Vancouver for the weekend (mostly to check out Grinderman tonight). Combine that with a week of spotty internet service and the piling up of ridiculous amounts of homework (hooray for grad school) and you have a half-decent excuse for not blogging. But no longer! In the interest of catch-up, … Continue reading

Saturday double-post: #MoNM: Kanye West and Juana Molina

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy It looks like I’m gonna be that guy who liked 808s and doesn’t get My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I swear I’m not just being contrarian here. Maybe I’m not giving it enough time. With all the five-star reviews, 100 per cents and “instant masterpiece” claims, I’m … Continue reading