Wikileaks, censorship and the chilling effect

It’s hard to figure out where to even begin on this one. I’ve only been casually following the Wikileaks developments, mostly through the links posted by @kotarski (an already-passionate guy who has been spurred into overdrive by this one), and at this point it already feels like too much has happened to even get any … Continue reading

#MoNM The rest, and a new project for December

Oh, what the hell. Rounding off the #MoNM in a decidedly half-assed form: Day 27: Duffy and the Doubters’ Scriptural Supplies Tiny songs from the Ladyhawk frontman. With most of the tunes clocking in at less than 2 minutes, Duffy’s solo debut(?) is over practically before it starts, and the lo-fi production only adds to … Continue reading

Daily consumption: Nov. 2 and 3

I am going to attempt to make note of all of the movies I watch, CDs I listen to and so on for as long as I can keep up the habit. Likely, this will not last, but it seems worth a shot. Most of the CDs are on in the background while I work, … Continue reading

Meet the residents: The Banff Centre expands its embrace of indie rock

Arriving at The Banff Centre late on a Wednesday evening, the complex feels undeniably spooky. Due to a major construction project, the usually open expanses of the centre have become a series of pathways lined with construction fences in Halloween orange. A perfect setting for the October 31 concert that marks the conclusion of The … Continue reading

TIFF Day 9: More Herzog, Ricky Gervais and the last press screening of the festival

My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (dir. Werner Herzog) Like Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Herzog’s second film at TIFF is at its core a cop movie. But where Lieutenant camped up and darkened an otherwise straightforward procedural, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done takes a hostage situation and … Continue reading

TIFF: Day 4 — Bees, war and Michael Moore

Colony (dir. Carter Gunn and Ross McDonnell) Confession: I was planning on watching the new Ricky Gervais movie this morning, but accidentally went to the wrong theatre. Lack of sleep can make navigating these festivals a bit tricky. Fortunately, it led to my catching a decent documentary on honeybee colony collapse disorder. It’s a pretty … Continue reading

TIFF Day 3: Gilliam, McCarthy and some other stuff

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, but that I think is pretty key in getting across the feeling at TIFF’s industry screenings: Unlike CIFF, press and industry attend entirely separate screenings from the general public out here, so the tone of the press & industry screenings is much more subdued than the enthusiastic public … Continue reading

TIFF: Day 2 — Coen Brothers, George Clooney, Michael Haneke and a ninja Puritan

Alright, so it’s actually my first day at the festival, but it’s the second day of the fest itself, and I’m always one for going along with the official rules. Missing the first day was a bit of a bummer (I’m still very curious about the new Pedro Almodovar film and Lars von Trier’s almost … Continue reading

Corporate video games still suck

Two years ago, the Internet was abuzz with anger and indignation at the posthumous indignity facing Kurt Cobain. The grunge rock icon was to be the centrepiece of a string of ads for Dr. Martens shoes — a series that would also include late rockers Joe Strummer of The Clash, Sid Vicious of the Sex … Continue reading

The Flowers of Hell – Come Hell or High Water, Saved by Vinyl

If a band can be judged purely by the fans it attracts, The Flowers of Hell is a damned good band. Greg Jarvis’ pan-Atlantic space-rock symphony has performed with members of Spiritualized, Broken Social Scene, Guided By Voices — they were even specifically requested as an opening act by My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields. Don’t … Continue reading