#MoNM Day 14: Jenny Omnichord’s All Our Little Bones

Jenny Omnichord is a girl after my own heart. Smart, quirky, self-referential… heck, her latest album doubles as a board game if you shell out for the vinyl. Not a bad deal. But while the packaging is in line with her previous projects (the last album of hers that I bought was packaged in plywood), the production is a whole lot more polished this time around.

It makes for a bit of an odd fit. Omnichord’s voice is about as homespun as it gets – it’s expressive, but about as unadorned as it gets, even in indie-rock circles. So when “Bad Luck” opens the album with chamber-ready piano, dramatic backing vocals and a few licks of omnichord for good measure, it puts a lot of pressure on her plainspoken melodies.

It’s a good thing, then, that her songwriting is keeping pace with the production. While All Our Little Bones doesn’t quite have the conceptual sheen of the last Barmitzvah Bros record, it’s more confident than Cities of Gifts and Ghosts, and maybe makes for an easier introduction to a thoroughly charming if unconventional Canadian voice.

Sample songs:

Skeletal Love Song

Mending Nibbled Wires

One Response to “#MoNM Day 14: Jenny Omnichord’s All Our Little Bones”
  1. Sarah says:

    The boardgame was definitely worth the $15 she charged me for the vinyl.

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