The Consumption: Nov. 14

EVENT: 24th Annual Gemini Awards: Being in the press room was possibly even less exciting than watching the broadcast on TV. A few decent tidbits (learning that an award was actually turned down and packed away, finding out that they cut a joke about torture in Syria at the last second) and good/geeky to ask Veronica Mars’ dad how to kill a guy with two tea bags and some wax paper, but too many back-stage press scrums, not enough glitz and glamour of Canadian television.
But, those two ladies from Corner Gas were kind of hot.

CONCERT: DINOSAUR JR: There’s no denying that a lot of their songs sound the same (they all boil down to volume + guitar wank), but there’s also no denying that the band truly delivered. Mascis can rip out solos with the best of them, but the real key seems to be Lou Barlow, who is a fucking monster on the bass (and no slouch on the vocals, either). My ears are still ringing. As long as it stops within a day or so, I will consider this worthwhile.

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