Veritas – And Walk Now Gently Through The Fire

Just been thinking about the first time I met Chris, interviewing him and Pat for Veritas’ CD release. His mom baked us cookies. And the last time, grabbing beers in Toronto after the Polaris gala. Anyone who heard him play, with Women or Azeda Booth or Dodos or his solo work, can vouch that he … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Danny Kaye – Let’s Not Talk About Love

Song of the Day: Danny Kaye – Let’s Not Talk About Love Romance is a fine thing, but there are other things worth talking about. Cole Porter listed ‘em, or at least the ones that were worthwhile back in 1941, for the play Let’s Face It, and Danny Kaye does a fine job enunciating them.

Song of the Day: Tindersticks – Frozen

Song of the Day: Tindersticks – Frozen Brand-new Tindersticks from their upcoming The Something Rain. They’ve always excelled at atmosphere, but this one pushes things farther into the abstract than anything off their last (excellent) Constellation release. Can’t wait to hear the full album.

Song of the Day: John K Samson – When I Write My Masters Thesis

Song of the Day: “When I Write My Master’s Thesis” by John K. Samson From his new solo album, Provincial. Appropriate for a number of reasons, let’s just say.