Countdown to CIFF: #6. Generation P

For the 10 days leading up to CIFF’s opening gala, I’ll be posting a quick write-up per day on some of my favourite movies at the fest. I’m not exactly unbiased — CIFF does give me a paycheque, after all — but these posts are my own opinions and not those of the festival. I … Continue reading

TIFF 2011, Day 6: Generation P, Death of a Superhero, Into The Abyss, Trishna, Urbanized

GENERATION P I have a few friends who may take this as more of a recommendation than is really intended, but Generation P is basically what you would get if you took Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, moved it to Russia, and swapped the super-heroes for advertising creative types. In other words, it’s a bit of … Continue reading