So Good Playlist for September 25

I went back to the old-school soul today, for the most part. The Nick Waterhouse record is still blowing my mind, and probably will be for some time. And the new Heavy and Souljazz discs seem to be living up to their last releases which says a lot. But the one that’s creeping up on … Continue reading

Some Hot Little Rocket-based nostalgia

Hot Little Rocket is doing a reunion show at Broken City tomorrow. That’s kind of a big deal for me. Those guys were the third(ish?) band I ever interviewed as an aspiring music writer at The Gauntlet, and I have some pretty great memories of seeing them at the Night Gallery and other long-defunct places … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Final Fantasy – Nun or a Bawd

Final Fantasy · Nun or a Bawd And why not make it a two-fer? I haven’t been posting too many of these. Favourite track from Final Fantasy’s Plays to Please, a tribute to Toronto’s Deep Dark United. No comments on the sentiment contained within. (Source:

Song of the Day: The Wet Secrets – Hep A Birthday

The Wet Secrets – Hep A Birthday This is to what I was referring just then. Don’t know why this video has the longest silence, though. (Source:

Breaking the Tethers playlist

Another early morning showfill, this time for the slightly-more-out-there Breaking the Tethers. Still fun times, and I managed to sneak a solid amount of beat-oriented stuff in, too. Charles Spearin Happiness Project*  – Anna – Happiness Project ( Arts & Crafts )Michael Benedict & Boptitude – Work Song – Five and One ( Planet Arts … Continue reading

Big Friday playlist, June 15, 2012

I did a showfill on CJSW yesterday. Here’s what I played: ARTIST  –  ALBUM  –  SONG Apollo Cobra – Motherland – Shut Up Blockhead – Interludes After Midnight – Smoke Signals Bobby Womack – The Bravest Man in the Universe – Jubilee Cheebacabra – Pass the Information – Acid Funk *City Real & Wes Mackey … Continue reading

Song of the Day: The Cape May – Old and Early Numbers

Song of the Day: The Cape May – Old and Early Numbers This is maybe a bit too wintry of a song for such a gorgeous day, but I’m working on an interview with Cape May frontman Clinton St John for FFWD, and I keep getting struck by how incredible his music is. This one’s from … Continue reading

Who’s playing at Sled Island and why you should care

First, a disclaimer: I’m the kind of guy who’ll typically tell you that only paying attention to the headliners at a festival like Sled Island is missing the point. With less than a handful of exceptions, all of my favourite experiences at the fest have been bands on the undercard, ones I hadn’t heard more … Continue reading

Veritas – And Walk Now Gently Through The Fire

Just been thinking about the first time I met Chris, interviewing him and Pat for Veritas’ CD release. His mom baked us cookies. And the last time, grabbing beers in Toronto after the Polaris gala. Anyone who heard him play, with Women or Azeda Booth or Dodos or his solo work, can vouch that he … Continue reading

Song of the Day: John K Samson – When I Write My Masters Thesis

Song of the Day: “When I Write My Master’s Thesis” by John K. Samson From his new solo album, Provincial. Appropriate for a number of reasons, let’s just say.