Christmas Songs I Don’t Hate: Steve Martin & Paul Simon – Silver Bells

I’m not generally a fan of Christmas music, but since I have a radio show on Christmas Day this year, I’m diving in head-first. Turns out, some of it is pretty alright, and I’m posting a few of the better-but-not-appropriate-for-my-show ones here.

This one’s a slight cop-out, since it’s been a favourite of mine for years. Rumour has it that Billy Joel is on piano for this version, which only makes things that much better. Worth it for the various egg-nog-based beverages alone, but even more worth it for the rest of it. Steve Martin, you’re a hell of a guy.

One Response to “Christmas Songs I Don’t Hate: Steve Martin & Paul Simon – Silver Bells”
  1. kahht says:

    Officially adding this to my Christmas essentials. Thanks! Also, check out this split 45 of Christmas soul for your show:

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