So Good Soul Revue: Funding Drive edition (updated)

If you pledge $500 (!), you’ll get Commonwealth’s Ambassador pass: You and a guest into every event at Commonwealth for a full year, no line, no cover. And considering they just announced a James Murphy DJ set next month, it’s safe to say there’ll be some darn good events.

So, the CJSW funding drive officially kicks off on Thursday, which means there’s still a bit over a week to decide if you want to pledge and where you’re going to do it. This time of year is a big deal for the station, since it’s where most of the funding comes for keeping the station alive and making it consistently better. Most of the people involved are volunteers, but actually broadcasting takes equipment and electricity, plus a core group of amazing staff who deserve every penny they get (which, as anyone who’s worked in the arts knows, is not as many pennies as they really deserve). Part of that comes from student levies and a teensy bit comes from advertising, but the community support from the funding drive is really the heart of CJSW.

Now you may be asking yourself, why should I pledge? Partly because you’re a good person, and that’s what good people do. (Guilt!) And I could give a ton of reasons, but it boils down to the fact that the station really is a civic treasure, and anyone who’s listened to other campus stations knows that CJSW is something special. Which means the better question isn’t “should I pledge,” but “where should I pledge,” and self-interest says I should answer that with “on my show.” But that’s kind of ridiculous, because I’m brand new to this DJing thing, and there are people who have put in so much time and effort over the years that obviously you want to show them your support. And I don’t hold that against you at all.

The one thing I can offer, then, is what I think are some pretty sweet incentives. Also, so much genuine appreciation, but mostly the incentives. Everyone’s got the same official swag, mind you, and that official swag is beautiful this year — it’s designed by Raymond Biesinger, who is a mad genius when it comes to illustrations. But here’s what you can get above and beyond. Please note that the incentives are for folks pledging on the show, Tuesday Oct. 23, 2012, from 2-4pm, by calling 403-220-5000. If you want to pledge in advance, that is super awesome, and I’ve linked to that, and you can even give me credit, but if you’re looking for incentives for pre-pledges, drop me an email and we’ll see what I can work out:

$25 — Friends Card… PLUS tickets to Kaboom! Comedy
The Friends of CJSW card will get you discounts at over 100 of the best places in Calgary, which is already worth way more than $25. But the kind folks at Kaboom… Hooray! have donated five pairs of tickets to the city’s most alternative-minded stand-up and sketch showcase for the first folks to pledge $25, and those pairs are worth like $16 out of the $25 you’d be pledging, so you’re basically getting a steal of a deal, laughing a lot and establishing yourself as a companion of the city’s greatest radio station, all for a reasonable fee.

$75 — T-Shirt and Friends Card… PLUS a mix CD and more music
You get your Friends card. You get a handsome T-shirt designed by mad illustration genius Raymond Biesinger. And, you get your choice of one of 10 albums that have been set aside for loving listeners, including Shabazz Palaces, Sandro Perri, Childish Gambino, and even a Michael Rault LP for one lucky vinyl fanatic (you might remember him from CIFF’s promo real this year). Double-and, you get a mix CD made by me, carefully crafted to contain only the finest in music songs for your listening enjoyment. Impress your friends and irritate your neighbours with goodies from Al Green, Otis Redding, Sly and the Family Stone and 17 more swoon-worthy names.

$120 — Live at CJSW CD, T-Shirt, Friends Card… PLUS Telus Spark tickets
A lot of amazing bands play at CJSW in the course of a year, and helpful musical gnomes record their performances and compile them onto amazing double albums every year. Then, you take those albums home and listen to them. It’s a miracle of modern science.
And speaking of miracles of modern science, the Telus Spark has donated a pair of adult tickets to their wonderful institution, perfect for rekindling your love of all things inquisitive. That’s a $40 value for the tickets alone, never mind all that other stuff.

$150 — Mug, Live Sessions CD, T-Shirt, Friends Card… PLUS film festival goodies from GIRAF and CUFF
Do you drink warm liquids? Do you find your hand constantly gets burned by the glass that contains them? Well, CJSW’s “mug” has a handle attached to the liquid-holding part, meaning you won’t scald yourself just because you wanted a hot coffee. And it’s got fancy modern lettering to let people know just how much you appreciate radio and science.
But on top of that, you’ll also get your choice of either: A lovely swag bag for the GIRAF animation festival (including tickets, a poster and more) which runs Oct. 31-Nov. 4, OR a five-movie punch card and handsome toque from the awesome Calgary Underground Film Festival from April 15-21, 2013. Either way, you’ll be watching some of the best works from some of the weirdest, wonderful-est filmmakers around the world. Don’t miss out.
*CUFF is also throwing in a second punch card with an awesome Moonrise Kingdom canteen, made from high quality aluminum, so you can drink your liquids in style even when you’re on the go! Thanks, CUFF!

$200 — Notebook, Mug, Live Sessions CD, T-Shirt, Friends Card… PLUS a pair of Doc Soup subscriptions
Admit it: Sometimes you write things down. Did you know that you can now do it in style, with a Moleskin-style notebook embossed (!) with a classic CJSW logo that is both timeless and instantly nostalgic? Well, now you do know that, and it will be difficult to go back to scribbling things on torn-up cardboard boxes like you used to.
But that’s not all: The first person to pledge at this level will get a pair of season subscriptions to CIFF & Hot Docs’ Doc Soup series of documentary screenings, where you’ll see award-winning documentaries that will give you so much knowledge and make your friends jealous at the same time. That’d normally cost you $120 on its own, so you’re really only throwing in an extra $80 for the book, mug, CD, shirt and friends card. Holy moly, right?

$300 — Hoodie, Notebook, Mug, Live Sessions CD, T-Shirt, Friends Card… PLUS a sweet custom mixtape
Sweatshop free and oozing with style. Be the baddest kid on your block (that’s a good thing) with this high quality hoodie that communicates both your excellent taste and your willingness to give magnificent amounts of support to a vital Calgary institution.
Yep, for this one I’m going old-school. If you pledge $300, I will make you a mix cassette the old fashioned way — by recording songs from my not-hugely-extensive-but-high-quality collection of vinyl onto the tape (Fair warning–it’ll probably veer away from the soul world into rock territory, but it’ll be rad). It’ll be one-of-a-kind, with hand-drawn artwork and a hand-written tracklisting, made with love and gratitude. Allow a couple weeks for delivery of this one, though. It’ll take some thought.

$400 — Limited edition print, Hoodie, Notebook, Mug, Live Sessions CD, T-Shirt, Friends Card… PLUS I will write and record you a song
This is the upper limit of ridiculousness. If you pledge $400, you get TWO hand-numbered, silk-screened prints of the Radio Science robots done by the Alberta Printmakers’ Society. I don’t even have anything jokey to say about these because they’re really pretty and I’ll be jealous of you when you get them.
Here’s where things get crazy, though. If you pledge this amount, I will write you a song on the topic of your choosing. Will it be poorly recorded? Best believe it. Will it be under two minutes in length? More than likely. Will it be on your choice of acoustic guitar or ukulele? I’ll go with yes. But will it be both hacky and charming in equal measure? I can guarantee it. And again, allow some time for delivery.

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