Monday Mix Tape: Folk Fest edition

New feature! Every Monday (or many Mondays, at least) I will be posting a “mix tape” with either a theme that strikes my fancy or that has been suggested by one of my fives of loyal readers. More accurately, I’ll be posting two 23-minute YouTube playlists, which you could then somehow put onto the two sides of a standard C46 cassette, if you had the equipment and inclination.

To get it started, here is a smattering of artists who will be at the Calgary Folk Music Festival this weekend. In the future, there will be descriptive blurbs about all the music, but it is far too warm right now to be clever, and figuring out how to make this all work in WordPress has been more time-consuming than I expected, so I will just get straight to the music.

Side A:

1. Braids – Plath Heart

2. Spiro – Binatone

3. Dark Dark Dark – The Snow Magic

4. Yo La Tengo – Mr. Tough

5. Raleigh – Balloon Boy

6. Kris Ellestad – The Secret

Side B:

1. Morgan O’Kane – Rain Rain

2. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Easy Does It

3. Inhabitants – Threes

4. Minotaurs – Runaway Lane

5. Herbaliser – Hardcore

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