30-Day Song Challenge, Day 2: Least Favourite Song

Least favourite doesn’t necessarily mean it has no merit whatsoever — the fact that I still remember this song exists means it must have something going for it, even if that something is a completely unearned pompousness mixed with trite sentiment and yet another rehashing of the “a baby is born every time someone dies, isn’t that such a miracle?” platitude*. I hear Edwin is now a “special guest bartender” at a club in downtown Toronto. Hopefully he still feels just as good, I guess.


It has been pointed out to me that I made a terrible mistake. As bad as “Alive” is, it’s nowhere near as awful as “Go For a Soda.” But, it turns out the video for “Go For a Soda” is maybe kind of awesome, so… let’s call it a draw?


*My favourite twist on that cliche comes at about 1:40 into this clip, courtesy of the inventor of modern computing. Yay, nerd times.

One Response to “30-Day Song Challenge, Day 2: Least Favourite Song”
  1. Jobe says:

    man does this ever take me back. Edwin had some decent tunes over the years but this was definitely some heart-string tugging pablum!

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