Best Stuff Day 8: No Exit

Three people enter, no one ever leaves: an existential grudge-match and eternal suffering of the most mundane variety. With their production of No Exit at this year’s High Performance Rodeo, Vancouver’s Electric Company took one of the most beautifully minimalist stage set-ups in theatre — one small room that accounts for an eternity of torment … Continue reading

Wikileaks, censorship and the chilling effect

It’s hard to figure out where to even begin on this one. I’ve only been casually following the Wikileaks developments, mostly through the links posted by @kotarski (an already-passionate guy who has been spurred into overdrive by this one), and at this point it already feels like too much has happened to even get any … Continue reading

Best Stuff Day 7: Soundway compilations

I’m perfectly willing to admit that my appreciation of Afrobeat probably stems from some combination of Akron/Family, Paul Simon and the folk fest, all of which helped bring together the genre’s basics in a way that I could finally make sense of. Whatever did it, I’m glad for it, because it means I can appreciate … Continue reading

Best Stuff Day 6: Hip: The History

Immersed as I am in a seemingly never-ending cycle of essay-writing, article reading and crippling self-doubt, the last thing I have time for right now is a semi-scholarly tour through a concept as slippery as hipness. But, in more innocent days (read: this past summer), I found myself positively engrossed in a book that I … Continue reading

Best Stuff Day 5: Julia Tiller, Illustrator

Back when I worked at Fast Forward (lo those many months ago), I was always amazed at the quality of the illustrators who were willing to freelance for us. The only problem was, there was never enough room to use as many illustrations as I wanted, so sometimes crazy-talented people wouldn’t get the work they … Continue reading

Best Stuff Day 4: Eye Spy zine

As if Flemish Eye records hadn’t already done enough to solidify a reputation as one of the most consistent labels in Canada (seriously — The Cape May, Chad VanGaalen, Women, Pale Air Singers and now Braids?). Now they go and put out a 36-page full-colour zine with illustrations by Clinton St. John of the Cape … Continue reading

Best Stuff Day 3: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I am pretty much the exact target market for this movie. Everything about Scott Pilgrim is tailored for a Canadian music nerd/video game geek with an awareness of comics and a love for over-the-top ridiculousness. It’s admittedly a niche, which might be why Pilgrim kinda-sorta flopped when it came out, but for a certain kind … Continue reading

Best Stuff Bonus: El Guincho (NSFW)

For your (NSFW) viewing pleasure, one of the year’s best music videos: El Guincho’s “Bombay.” Come for the Spanish Carl Sagan homage, stay for the hypnotic tropicalia and bizarre imagery. Also, a lot of breasts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Previous best stuff: Dominion The Anthology Project

Best Stuff Day 2: The Anthology Project

See that cover to the left of this text? It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s an illustration by the ridiculously talented Joy Ang, an ACAD grad and occasional Fast Forward contributor (she did one of my favourite cover illustrations while I was an editor there) who, in her spare time, put together a wonderfully bound compilation … Continue reading

Contest: Make me a logo

Here’s the deal: Make me an “All the best stuff 2010” logo like the one in the corner only way better, and I will mail you a mix CD. Just send the logo, a theme for the CD, and your address to peter.hemminger {at} gmail {dot} com, and as soon as my schedule allows, I … Continue reading