Contest: Make me a logo

Here’s the deal: Make me an “All the best stuff 2010” logo like the one in the corner only way better, and I will mail you a mix CD. Just send the logo, a theme for the CD, and your address to peter.hemminger {at} gmail {dot} com, and as soon as my schedule allows, I will make and mail you a mix. It might take a while. I’d do cassettes, but I don’t have a proper tape deck at the moment, which I realize is pretty much a tragedy. Only one logo will get used on the site, but if you take the time to make one, I’ll take the time to send you some tunes.


(PS – I realize it’s not much of a contest if everyone wins, but maybe the contest is to see who’s actually willing to take part? Or maybe whoever makes the best logo will get the best CD, and everyone else will get successively crappier ones? Or the best logo gets their CD first? The options are endless.)

2 Responses to “Contest: Make me a logo”
  1. Marina says:

    When I first read this, instead of ‘logo’ I read collage. Don’t ask me why I read that but I did. And then I was really excited to make you a Best of 2010 collage…

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