Kris Ellestad – No Man is Land

I’m not going to post a formal review of Kris Ellestad’s new album, No Man is Land, which is available for streaming right now for free. Kris is a good friend of mine, and that kind of bias is too hard to work around. But now that he’s officially releasing it to the public, I feel obliged to say something. Namely, even before I knew Kris, I was convinced that he was the best singer-songwriter in Calgary, and No Man is Land should convince anyone who listens to it of the same thing. I don’t even think it’s a stretch to say he’s one of the best in Canada. I’ve been sitting with these songs for a little while already, and I’m still legitimately blown away every time I listen to them. The arrangements, the vocal performances, the variety in the songs, the effortless hooks; it’s almost unfair how talented the guy is.

Do yourself a favour and give it a listen. The blog reviews are already starting to roll in, so you don’t have to take my biased and vague word for it. No Man is Land is stunning, and (for now, at least) it’s free. What more do you need?

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