Everybody Was In The French Resistance …Now

Fixin’ the Charts, Volume 1 Cooking Vinyl Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos has been skirting the edge of joke-rock since Bang Bang Rock & Roll. His saving grace — the trait that’s taken him from potential novelty to heir apparent of Jonathan Richman — is his sincerity. No matter how well-worked the turn of phrase … Continue reading

The Oscars Project: Week One – Gigi

For 82 years, the Academy Awards have purported to choose the year’s best film. For the next year, I’ll be watching one best picture winner per week, starting 52 years ago and working up to tonight’s winner. Some of the films are rightly regarded as classics. Others, decidedly less so. But each of them must … Continue reading

Wonderland lacks wonderment

FILM: Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is many things: a journey through a surreal world full of memorable characters, a brilliantly playful introduction to the worlds of logic and mathematics and, with all its hookahs, mushrooms and body-and-mind-expanding potions, a kindred spirit of American counterculture since at least the heyday of … Continue reading