Share – Slumping in Your Murals

Share’s Slumping in Your Murals is just low-key enough to catch you off guard. Early on, it feels like one of those albums that’ll be easy to like but next to impossible to love. Singer-songwriter Andrew Fisk clearly knows his way around a folk-rock tune and the spacious production perfectly complements the music, but there’s nothing that immediately makes you go “Wow.” From Fisk’s vocals to the band’s musicianship, Slumping proudly announces itself as a competent release, inviting faint praise.

Then the little moments start to add up. The whale song intro and cathartic climax to “Awake at Dawn.” The welcome touch of musical aggression in “Fish Out of Water.” The triumphant outro of “KC,” which could easily be the last minute of an unreleased Do Make Say Think epic. They’re little things, but they’re persuasive.

By the time the album wraps up (it’s concise at 10 songs and just over a half-hour) it’s near impossible to resist its charms. There’s not much flash to the disc, but sometimes substance can win over style.

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